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Student at Berklee College of Music Online.

Guitar instructor.

Musician inspired by the romance of the guitar.

Instrumental Music


Weddings. Morning Coffee. Meditation. Instrumental music for any occasion.

From Bach to blues, I've got you covered.

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Artist Statement

I teach, perform, lecture about and write music because it offers new, different and exciting ways to connect with you. When I present a song, whether the event is a solo acoustic show, a blues band tour or a church wedding, my goal is to provide memorable music for the clients, fans and listeners. The effect that music can have on a person’s frame of mind has always been, and will always be, amazing and sacred to me. My goal is to share these simple gifts with you.  

I make musical decisions based on the flow of life’s everyday events. I try to identify the profound inside the mundane. My exploration and selection of particular studies, techniques, concepts and themes are based in a healthy blend of research, practice and spiritual energy - music that grew out of shared experiences across different times and places. I have had a life-long love affair with classical, american roots and blues music as a result.

My current work grows from life experiences, both my own and those I've studied. I am passionately writing and pursuing musical techniques that portray paradoxical human experiences such as suffering and redemption, confinement and liberation, the sacred and the secular, pain and pleasure. This leads me to combine old rhythms and song structures with new tones and lyrical approaches. I am cultivating new ideas while tending to the roots.


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